Videos are the most effective and efficient way of communicating business offerings and services. There’s just no comparison. Unfortunately, everyone knows this and is investing large portions of their budgets to leverage this medium, making the marketvery competitive.

Fortunately, Reel Big Media is always available to teams that need a video boost without having to dedicate their entire budgets to the cause. This approach has helped a lot of people over the years and we’re happy to say it’s been a good strategy for us as well. This is because we’ve been awarded as a top video production company in Rhode Island by Clutch for 2022.

Clutch is an online B2B review and rating platform based in Washington DC. They employ a unique verification process that authenticates all the information sent to them before publishing the same in the form of reviews.

To be recognized as a Clutch leader, a company must earn more high-quality reviews from their client than their competitors. This is a great system as it places most of the deciding power in the hands of people who are most affected by our services.

“Reel Big Media has been working tirelessly to increase our US market share in the video production and animation verticals. This award helps to showcase that our efforts have been successful.” – Ron Carlstrom, President and CEO of Reel Big Media.

In addition to this already great development, it’s also come to our attention that we’ve also been recognized as a leading service provider in Boston. We want to thank all the people that made all these developments possible for our team. We truly wouldn’t make it without them.

We are New England’s best video production company and ranked third in the country for 3D animation and 2nd in Boston for video production. Learn more about these and other services by visiting our website or contacting our team through our available social media channels today.